Clay’s Beliefs

“The motto of Pirkle farms is Christianity is our business; we farm to pay expenses.” This is not just a slogan, it’s been my heritage for 80 years in this community and it’s the way I attempt to live my life.” – Clay Pirkle

Clay Believes In:


I recognize that education is one of the most critical issues facing our district. We need greater local control of education, not less. Our Georgia Constitution requires an “adequate” public education, but our students deserve a “world-class” education to meet the challenges of the future.

Fiscal Conservative:

I believe that we should practice fiscal restraint in government spending. It’s the way I live personally, and the way I run my business. I want to be the representative that holds the ground on excessive government spending of our tax dollars.


I feel we need a representative that understands the value of hard work, and knows agricultural issues. As a fourth generation farmer, I am that representative.

Second Amendment:

I enjoy hunting and fishing. I am an advocate of our Second Amendment Protections. We have a right to defend ourselves.

Faith and Pro-Life:

I am a man of deep faith; we need a voice that represents our core values. The Georgia Right to Life endorses me and I will never waver on defending the rights of the unborn. I will fight for our Religious Freedoms. I believe the Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act should be passed quickly in Georgia.


I believe in family. I am a fourth generation farmer. I was raised on our farm and I have raised our children on the farm. Faith and family are deep roots of which I am proud. I have a rich heritage of preachers, farmers, teachers, businessmen, doctors, missionaries, and servicemen.


I both honor and support our men and women who are serving to protect our freedoms today and those who have in the past. We enjoy living in America with freedom because of their bravery and dedication.